Worcestershire LEP Chair, Mark Stansfeld: 15 December

First published in the Worcester News on 15.12.2017

I was delighted to see that Superfast Worcestershire has announced a new £6.2million pound investment to expand its reach.

Improving our digital infrastructure helps to strengthen our local economy and the latest investment for Superfast Worcestershire will help to provide another 5,300 premises in Worcestershire with new superfast broadband. Once complete, a total of 96% of homes and businesses in Worcestershire will have access to superfast broadband which is an excellent achievement for the county.

Superfast Worcestershire is already helping local businesses like Lift UP gym to achieve their business goals. Since switching to Superfast Broadband, the start-up business has been able to use the faster connection to benefit their digital marketing and to provide customers with free Wi-Fi. For more information on Superfast Worcestershire I would encourage you to visit our website www.wlep.co.uk

Connectivity is hugely important to growth on a local and national level and I was pleased to see that the topic featured heavily in Government’s recently launched industrial Strategy for the UK. A key focus of the Strategy was to spread 5G digital connectivity right across the country and this is something that Worcestershire will be able to significantly contribute towards with the development our 5G test bed application.

5G will enable our local businesses to continue to innovate and grow for the future of business and if you want to read more about our local plans then visit our website www.wlep.co.uk

For more information on the progress of all of our other projects, you can now download our annual report from our website and if you would like a physical copy of the report, please feel free to email us via enquiries@wlep.co.uk

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and I do hope you enjoy the festive break.