Worcestershire LEP Chair, Mark Stansfeld: 18 October

First published in the Worcester News on 18.10.19

We’re reaching a number of important milestones on our Local Growth Fund projects this week and there are many more milestones to look forward to for the rest of the year.

These Government-funded projects will help to significantly improve the county’s transport infrastructure and help us to achieve our vision of shaping Worcestershire into a connected, creative, dynamic location for all.

The news that many of the county’s businesses will be delighted to hear is that Worcestershire Parkway station is now nearing completion. The station will help to make the county more connected than ever, with better access to Great Western Railway services to London Paddington and CrossCountry Trains services between Cardiff and Nottingham. We’re excited to know that works on the station will be coming to an end in the next few weeks before station testing and commissioning takes place.

This month also sees the start of work at the Pinvin Junction in Pershore, which forms part of the wider Pershore Infrastructure Improvement Scheme. This is a particularly important piece of work for tackling congestion and keeping business moving in the area. It is also great to see that work is now underway on the improvements to transport links in the Churchfields area of Kidderminster. This work is part of the Churchfields Urban Highway Improvement Scheme and will improve connectivity for the delivery of new homes in the local area.

As we continue to develop our Local Industrial Strategy for Worcestershire, we are keen to support the development of the county as a whole. So I am delighted to see our projects making great progress across the county, keeping businesses moving and driving productivity for all.

For more information on these Local Growth Fund projects and the many others that Worcestershire LEP has invested in, please do visit our website, www.wlep.co.uk