Worcestershire LEP Chair, Mark Stansfeld: 3 May

First published in the Worcester News on 03.05.2019

It’s been great to see the positive news around Worcestershire lately, with two separate pieces of research recognising the county for its strong business performance.

Firstly, Worcestershire was recognised as one of the top 3 locations in the Midlands for investment activity, as part of the CoStar 50 Office Activity Index.

The index reflects a number of the large expansions we’ve seen recently which are creating a significant amount of jobs in the county. A good example of this is Kimal, Siemens Material Solutions and Kohler Mira who have all recently moved onto the Worcester Six employment site.

It was particularly pleasing for the county to be recognised in this Index, as CoStar are a leader in commercial property and their Index was specifically designed to identify the most dynamic places for businesses to invest in the UK.

I am also delighted to say that a major new report has recognised Bromsgrove as the best location in the UK for talent attraction, outside of London.

The British Talent Attraction Index is a unique piece of research that looks into a number of different demand and supply metrics. The Index creates a ranking in terms of job creation, drawing in new residents and attracting a greater share of skilled workers over a five year period.

It’s great to see that the British Talent Attraction Index has recognised Bromsgrove’s ability to draw in the brightest minds from across the UK. Worcestershire is only continuing to grow its profile in terms of inward investment; and it’s no surprise when indicators are pointing towards such a high quality of workforce talent available here in the county.

For more information on both of these pieces of research, and for many more business stories for the county, visit our Worcestershire LEP website: www.wlep.co.uk