Worcestershire LEP gears up for busy 2012

Details of successful projects to be awarded funding under the government’s new Growing Places Fund are set to be announced by Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (WLEP) this month (January 2012).

It marks the start of a busy year ahead for WLEP with ‘several exciting opportunities’, explains chairman Peter Pawsey.

“As we approach the end of our inaugural year, we are starting to see real tangible achievements ahead.

“Huge headway has been made this year creating our excellent LEP Boards, and setting out our structure, vision and strategy for growth and job creation.

“Our public and private sector partners are working well together to make a real difference to the future health and wealth of Worcestershire.

“Very encouragingly, we’ve been well oversubscribed with bids for the Government’s new Growing Places Fund, particularly from the private sector, and we expect to allocate funds to successful projects in early 2012.

“Our business agenda for 2012 is extremely busy, with details of our first annual WLEP Conference in February being announced shortly.

“The potential for the Worcestershire LEP is considerable, and the need is extensive and widespread.”

Despite Worcestershire bucking the national trend, with unemployment, including youth unemployment, falling slightly in the last three months, Worcestershire LEP is not complacent, added Mr Pawsey.

“The macro economic challenges are significant with the Euro crisis, reduced consumer demand and the high level of uncertainty, but we are committed to create the best local conditions for growth, and we are working with Government at all levels to work through these difficult times.

“That’s why we’re moving into 2012 with a huge sense of drive and purpose with several exciting opportunities ahead.”