Worcestershire LEP report presented at Overview & Scrutiny Board

During May, Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership presented its Annual Report at the Overview and Scrutiny Board.

The report provided Worcestershire County Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Performance Board (OSPB) with an annual update on the achievements of the Worcestershire LEP over the last 12 months, and outlined strategic objectives for 2019/20.

The Report stated how Worcestershire LEP has responded to each of the recommendations of the Strengthened Local Enterprise Partnerships report in line with Government’s timescales, as well as implementing some key arrangements in line with the LEP review, which included:

  • Recruited an additional three private sector board members to comply with the 66% requirement (this recruitment has resulted in a WLEP board comprising of 14 members with 71% private sector membership)
  • WLEP now has a legal personality, having been registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee – effective from 1 April 2019
  • Developed a Worcestershire LEP Delivery Plan for 2019/20 
  • Established and implemented external scrutiny arrangements with Accountable Body

The report also lists the Worcestershire LEP’s financial overview and the LEP’s business plan priorities for 2019/20.

To view the weblink of the presentation, visit the Worcestershire County Council website here.

To view the report in full, visit the Worcestershire County Council website here.

To view the minutes of the meeting, visit the Worcestershire County Council website on the link here.