Worcestershire Manufacturer wins new business & expands customer base since transforming their growth strategy

Handling Concepts Ltd started trading in 1994, manufacturing bespoke lifting and handling equipment solutions for various sectors such as automotive, defence, aerospace, and food & drink.

The business has gone through a period of change after a management buyout in 2018. Since then, the company has re-energised itself through analysing the needs of the business and taking action to evolve their operation.

Three directors now form their new leadership team, David Green, Karen Burbeck and Adam Hartley. With the new leadership team in place, their focus was set on business growth, and so, the Directors looked to the Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) for expert support and grant funding.

The directors undertook a strategic business review through MGP’s GROWTHmapper tool with their local Manufacturing Growth Manager, Catherine Bray, for the Manufacturing Growth Programme, it outlined that the key areas for improvement should be focused on strategy, marketing and quality.

Identifying that a marketing strategy was required, the business had been previously relying on word of mouth referrals and their long-standing customer base, the business was undertaking a reactive approach to sales and that needed to be assessed.

With a desire for winning new business, the leadership team acted on the findings of the review, acknowledging there were challenges such as needing to assess their target market, analyse competitors, and re-evaluate their positioning in terms of pricing. Within the team itself, it was agreed that the key roles and responsibilities of their leadership would too be evaluated, united and established.

Commenting on working with Handling Concepts Ltd, Catherine Bray stated: “The company have transformed significantly since I first visited them 12 months ago. Their growth strategy has seen them invest heavily in both their manufacturing processes and people. The leadership team have ambitious business growth goals and are committed to achieving them”.

Handling Concepts Ltd have recently completed a £50,000 project to re-configure their premises. One of the reasons for improving their work environment was so they can invite customers in to view the products and the manufacturing processes, it is hoped this will also attract new employees to the business.

Many developments have been put into action with support from the Manufacturing Growth Programme, with each project receiving grant funding towards the cost of an external business coach.

Handling Concepts Ltd have utilised the results of their strategic business review to match future goals and internal capabilities; and develop a business plan.

Having a new marketing strategy in place has also allowed their company branding to be refreshed and modernised. This has enabled the business to positively communicate the internal changes in the business to its existing and prospective customers.

Furthermore, MGP has assisted Handling Concepts Ltd to achieve it’s ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard accreditation.

“We feel very lucky to have had the support of the Manufacturing Growth Programme. The grants that we have received have enabled us to invest in our business, to grow, develop our team, re-brand and improve our profile within the marketplace. We have created a more ergonomic workspace, better working conditions for our team, upgraded the production equipment and employed new staff in support, design and production. I can’t speak highly enough of the representatives of the programme. I have been supported with help and advice throughout. Administering the project has been painless. They have shown a genuine interest in our business and a real desire to see us thrive. I have already recommended the MGP to other SME’s of my acquaintance and will not hesitate to do so in the future. This support makes a real difference and will help any manufacturing organisation to prosper.”

Since the support from the Manufacturing Growth Programme and the business’ own investment, they are experiencing excellent business growth in the form of new robotic and automation product development while simultaneously creating new opportunities for employment.

More details on Handling Concepts Ltd will be available at www.handlingconcepts.co.uk