Worcestershire shows Virtual Support for National Careers Week

Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and Worcestershire County Council, working with the Worcestershire Careers Hub team helped to virtual celebrate National Careers Week 2021.

From 1 to 6 March, National Careers Week (NCW) 2021 took place with the national ambition of promoting the various career options, pathways and support available to young people. Worcestershire celebrated this message locally through the promotion of a series of videos and resources for young people and parents/carers to use.

Four videos were produced featuring local education, employers and enablers. Each video was designed to provide a different benefit to viewers. Alongside the video, the Worcestershire Careers Hub team also promoted their new Choices magazine which is a free resource anyone can access to learn more about the career options for young people in Worcestershire.

Each of the four videos can be watched on the links below.

Worcestershire E3: Education, Employers and Enablers


Worcestershire Pathways and Choices 


Worcestershire Special Educational Needs Pathways


Worcestershire Top Careers Tips


For more information on the careers support available in Worcestershire, including the new Choices booklets, visit the Skills4Worcestershire website here. – http://www.skills4worcestershire.co.uk/