Worcestershire Works Well Celebrates Five Years

Worcestershire Works Well has recently celebrated its fifth year anniversary.

Since Worcestershire Works Well’s inception, 75 businesses have joined and the scheme is now reaching over 25,000 employees in Worcestershire. The free to join scheme is open to all public, private and third sector organisations of any size that are located in the county.

In the UK, 175 million working days are lost every year due to illness which is estimated to costs employers over £13 billion and £100 billion over all. Making changes in the workplace to improve health and wellbeing not only reduces sickness but also creates a more positive work force.

Simple measures to prevent and manage ill health can have benefits for both employee and employer and can lead to:

•    Reduced sickness
•    Increase productivity
•    A competitive edge
•    Motivated workforce
•    Reduced turnover of staff
•    Retention of experienced staff
•    Enhanced company reputation attracting new staff and customers

For further information and to sign up to the scheme, visit the Worcestershire Works Well website.