Wyre Road walking and cycling improvements now complete

Works to make walking and cycling improvements on Wyre Road in Pershore are now complete.

The works, which have been delivered by Worcestershire County Council to make improvements to the cycling and walking provision in the area, include the construction of a cycle/foot new path from Wyre Road roundabout to Station Road on the northern side of Wyre Road, the installation of a new kerb line, improvements to drainage and additional streetlighting.

The cycle/foot path will provide a link between Station Road and the new Pershore Northern Link Road, at which works continue ahead of completion this summer.

As part of the works, all removed hedgerows adjacent to the Taylor Wimpey site will be fully reinstated with a new species rich hedgerow woven around a picket fence forming the new boundary. Planting season will be in October.

As trialled in Worcestershire, as a UK first, some red lighting has been installed to protect an existing wildlife corridor. These red lights help maintain a ‘dark’ corridor for light-sensitive wildlife, like foraging bats.

These works are part of the wider Pershore Infrastructure Improvements Scheme, which aims to reduce congestion, improve traffic links and enhance cycling and walking routes, in and around the Pershore area. These works include the already completed improvements at Pinvin Junction and the ongoing works to construct the Pershore Northern Link Road.

For more information about the scheme, visit www.worcestershire.gov.uk/pershore