Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: September 2020

Video Transcript

” Hi I’m Gary Woodman, Chief Executive of the Local Enterprise Partnership. We are really pleased to bring you our September Newsletter. There has been plenty going on with economic recovery, thank you to all those who have supported Eat out to Help out, it has been really successful in the county and also we are seeing an increase in visitors with the Severn Valley railway opening on the 1st of August, really seeing a good volume of visitors coming through and equally the great summer weather in September means we are seeing plenty of staycations in the county.”

“In terms of COVID and Business support, I encourage you to go to Worcestershire Business Central to find all your information. There are gradual announcements around new grants schemes, different grant schemes coming out, whether they are backed by the ERDF scheme or focused on new start-ups and growing your business. I would certainly encourage you to engage with the Business Central team and they can give you the latest advice on grants available to help your business build back better within this period. We are also promoting to businesses the ‘Plan for Jobs’ which came out of the Summer Statement, very much around the Kickstarter scheme. The WLEP and County Council are working together to act as the intermediary, which means if you’ve got an opportunity for a young person (16-24), then please register your business and the opportunity and we will be in touch following further announcements that we are waiting for to work through the detail, but certainly a great opportunity there. ”

It was good to see the exam results of our young people and certainly they are moving into Universities, colleges and courses and that’s fantastic. You can access that careers advice at Worcestershire Apprenticeships, do have a look there for your careers advice and anything you need, and if you’re a business looking for Kickstarts or business support, Worcestershire Business Central.”

“Finally, when we look to October, we are running our Virtual Conference from the 12th to 16th of October. It will be packed full with great speakers and information for businesses in terms of how our business community is dealing with the recovery and equally, opportunities and ideas for you as the business owner or manager to think about across the themes of skills, digital infrastructure and future opportunities with the growth of the Worcestershire Economy. I would certainly encourage you to learn more on that. The week before is actually the Malvern Festival of Innovation, again that’s virtual, also do hook into that and the guys there are again putting on a great programme with plenty of great speakers related to Malvern and its history and also Malvern as the innovation capital of Worcestershire, but it brings in people from the rest of the county.”

“Obviously what we are seeing in terms of COVID is pockets of rising figures in Worcestershire and I’d just encourage that there is an NHS app that is launched on the 24th, but also watch out for those public health announcements, keep safe, follow the rules and hopefully we can delivery a great economic recovery for Worcestershire over the next 6-12 months. “